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We help women-led design firms increase their profitability, build the business of their dreams and achieve their ideal life/work balance with plenty of room for a life they love. Whether you're a solopreneur or have a team, let's get you and your business back in balance and kick the stress and overwhelm to the curb. Grab your favorite drink and let's chat about the best ways to get your house in order. 

Outsourced COO Services, Systems Development, Operations Education, and Resources for Women-led AEC Firms. 

Hey, ya'll!


We're all about balance and proportions. So much in fact - that we named our company after the concept of the Golden Ratio. We believe a great business is designed by balancing the personal and professional, and the work and the woo. We've made it our business to identify the optimum proportions of each system and operation in your business in order to optimize it, and you, for the greatest success possible. Ratio Solutions Group LLC provides project and operations consulting in addition to full business management, business strategy and development to architects, interior designers, engineers and contractors - online and to businesses local to Athens, Georgia.

Good businesses don't become great businesses by accident. 

Tired of the overwhelm? Need to focus your time on growing your business? Want time for yourself, family, friends, hobbies? 

Life's too short for business not to be fun, sustainable and lucrative. 

Let's get you get back to being the rain making, business growing, visionary you're meant to be with strategic operations, streamlined systems, and a dash of RATIO magic.

here's what WE do:


You need someone on your side who understands both your industry and efficient business operations.

Serving women architects, interior designers, engineers and contractors

Fractional COO


You're ready for ongoing support in your business and someone to execute your vision  - operations, metrics, team management and project management are all included in this service.  This option is for business owners who want long term assistance.

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Operations Intensives

Need a process designed? Need a business audit? Asana setup in a day? These options are your go to's for fast impact options in a limited time frame. 

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We believe in life / work balance so our coaching is a powerful mix of life and business based concepts delivered with warmth and genuine care to get you to a healthier, happier, more balanced place. Accountability, tools and your biggest cheerleader are all included! Get notified when our new service is live at the link below! 

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not sure what the best choice is? fill out our contact form and let's talk through your options together.


The Shop

Shop our tools and templates to level up your business - we did the hard work so you don't have to! 

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

We see you - you're a rockstar in your industry, attracting dream clients, doing work that fulfills you, and showing the next generation how it's done - but you're a little too tired, a little too overwhelmed, and you know that greater peace, happiness, and profit awaits - and we are here to ensure you get it. We're the peanut butter to your jam, the mac to your cheese, and the implementors to your vision. 

About us


“Catherine is the absolute definition of Southern generosity and kindness. She truly cares about designers and helping us customize the BOD process to the tone of voice and values of our business. She has such great verbiage for working through disagreements or misunderstandings with trades. And so generous in sharing resources and examples to guide you through a tough situation. She put me at ease knowing exactly how to deal with a prickly situation with a tradesperson and the best way to handle it in the future. You can tell she has a ton of experience and knows how processes should work together. She was born to be a business coach and you get that sense within 5 minutes of talking with her. Her kindness and warm heart really shine through. You can tell why she has a successful design firm because she practices what she preaches and does it in a kind, caring and honest way.” 

"Catherine is the absolute definition of Southern generosity and kindness."

- becky

Working with Catherine at Ratio Solutions Group has been a game changer for my business! I would highly recommend her services if you are trying to grow your business. Her insight, experience and hard work have been an invaluable asset to the team. 

Working with Catherine at Ratio Solutions Group has been a game changer for my business! 

- cristin

I've known Catherine for many years. Very professional, trustworthy and compassionate about her work. I would highly recommend her services. 

"Very professional, trustworthy and compassionate about her work."

Kind Words

A client favorite! Download our Asana CEU Dashboard to track your continuing education, license dates, wishlist courses and webinars, and in progress courses. No more mad scramble at license renewal time!  

CEU Dashboard


Trying to find the best resources for your firm? Download The Ratio Guidebook, full of our must have business tools for women-led design firms. 

The Ratio Guidebook



let's do this thing

Don't Do Business Like Everyone Else.

Make today the day that you took the first step to boosting your efficiency and your profit margins - without sacrificing your sanity. Running an AEC firm doesn't have to be "we've always done it this way".
It can be fun and easy, attracting your dream clients and projects, while ensuring at the end of the day - work doesn't follow you home. 

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