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What if running your firm wasn't exhausting? What if it was fun? What if you tossed out the rule book and starting doing things your way? We make doing business simpler and more sustainable.  Because let's face it - life's too short for business not to be fun, profitable and fulfilling.  Let us guide you through not only optimizing your operations; we're about illuminating the potential within every project, every design, and every decision you make. Our goal is to ensure that your business journey is not just successful but also fulfilling. 

let's be real -

Running a profitable AEC firm doesn't have to consume you. 

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We've worked at the firms, taken the classes, read the books, done the trial and error, worked for the jerks (to learn how not to do business), watched the videos, tested the theories, attended the conferences, gotten the certifications, experimented and learned the tech, and studied "the gurus" (again to learn 100 ways not to do things) - so you don't have to. 

It's time to get off the hamster wheel.

You need someone on your side who understands both your industry and efficient business operations.

flexible and adaptable to pivot strategies as needed, ensuring that our solutions are always aligned with your current business reality.

Our strategies are designed not just for short-term gains but for long-term sustainable success. 

We don't believe in "we've always done it this way. We work hard to stay Innovative and Creative.

deep industry insight to foresee industry trends and challenges, positioning us to provide proactive solutions rather than reactive fixes.

Bespoke Solutions, Always: Here, cookie-cutter approaches are a big no-no. We tailor our strategies to be as unique as your favorite coffee order (Shaken espresso? Iced white mocha? Classic black? We've got you!).

Expertise with Heart: We're your business besties, armed with the know-how to guide your journey. We don’t just consult; we collaborate, celebrate, and sometimes commiserate (because, business life!).

Sustainable Success is Our Jam: We’re playing the long game here. We're your partners in building a profitable business that lasts without burning you out. 

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all.
It's bespoke, just like your business.

Why us? Oh, darling, Let's count the ways... 

Starting at $3,500, the investment scales with the complexity and size of the operations being audited.

Our Operations Audit is an exhaustive analysis of your business's heartbeat – it's operational systems and processes. We delve into the mechanics of your day-to-day operations, dissecting workflows, examining tools and technologies in use, and scrutinizing the efficiency of current practices. The audit culminates in: a detailed report, follow up call, and 2 weeks of Slack support, to ensure you have actionable insights, clear recommendations for optimization, and the support when you need it. 

Operations Audit 

Streamline Your Success with
Precision-Driven Operational Insights

MOST CLIENTS INVEST BETWEEN $5,000 to $7,500 PER MONTH. This service starts with a custom proposal and quote and requires an operations audit before work begins. 

Our Fractional COO service includes comprehensive business management, strategy and support for AEC firms. This is an exclusive, high level, high touch service designed to help firms level up in a smart, sustainable way. You'll receive ongoing support from us as we focus on strategic planning, process refinement, metric tracking and team management.  If you want to free up more of your time to focus on your passions, your clients, and your unique vision, then this service is a perfect fit for you.


Our signature service

Investment varies due to the service. All Operations intensives include 2 weeks of slack support after project completion. 

Our Operations Intensives are highly focused, time-bound or deliverable bound operations support designed to help firm owners quickly improve their business processes and operations. Processes a mess?  Asana setup in a day? Need a customized set of templates? These options are your go to's for fast impact options in a limited time frame rather than ongoing support. 

Operations Intensives

quick operational wins

1:1 coaching services are coming soon! Click the button below to be added to the waitlist and be the first to know when this service launches!

At Ratio Solutions Group, we understand that the heart of a successful business lies in the well-being of its leader. That's why our coaching service is uniquely designed to nurture both your professional and personal growth.

We delve deep into a blend of life and business coaching methodologies. This dual focus ensures that while your business thrives, you don't just keep up, but you lead a fulfilling life. Our sessions are infused with empathy, understanding, and actionable insights, tailored to your unique journey.


1:1 Coaching

we're challenging the status quo

Don't Do Business Like Everyone Else.

Make today the day that you took the first step to boosting your efficiency and your profit margins - without sacrificing your sanity. Running an AEC firm doesn't have to be "we've always done it this way".
It can be fun and easy, attracting your dream clients and projects, while ensuring at the end of the day - work doesn't follow you home. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Streamlining Your Business" is a comprehensive resource created by Lennon, the Systems Stylist herself. Perfect for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners, this guide is packed with expert insights, practical tips, and a curated list of the top 10 tools to transform your business operations.

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Interior Designer


“Catherine is the absolute definition of Southern generosity and kindness. She truly cares about designers and helping us customize the BOD process to the tone of voice and values of our business. She has such great verbiage for working through disagreements or misunderstandings with trades. And so generous in sharing resources and examples to guide you through a tough situation. She put me at ease knowing exactly how to deal with a prickly situation with a tradesperson and the best way to handle it in the future. You can tell she has a ton of experience and knows how processes should work together. She was born to be a business coach and you get that sense within 5 minutes of talking with her. Her kindness and warm heart really shine through. You can tell why she has a successful design firm because she practices what she preaches and does it in a kind, caring and honest way.” 

"Catherine is the absolute definition of Southern generosity and kindness."

Kind Words

Interior Designer


Working with Catherine at Ratio Solutions Group has been a game changer for my business! I would highly recommend her services if you are trying to grow your business. Her insight, experience and hard work have been an invaluable asset to the team. 

"Working with Catherine at Ratio Solutions Group has been a game changer for my business!" 

Kind Words

Software developer WITH "ZENA"


"Catherine demonstrated an uncanny ability to anticipate potential issues and scenarios that we had not considered, enabling us to proactively address them before release. Her proactive approach and creative problem-solving skills were instrumental in refining our user experience and ensuring a smooth and seamless product launch."

"Her proactive approach and creative problem-solving skills were instrumental."

Kind Words

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